New Website Promotes Ease of Use, Free Training Tools


Enerdynamics recently launched a completely redesigned and much-improved The new website is a significant upgrade from the previous site as it boasts a responsive design (meaning it is now mobile- and tablet-friendly), and it offers some helpful tools for training professionals. These include: 

  • All Products page: As the name suggests, the All Products webpage lists every product that Enerdynamics offers, with the exception of our Custom Training solutions that are built specifically for each client. From the All Products page users can use filters to narrow their product search based on industry (gas or electric), medium (online course, live seminar, or book), level (core or intermediate), and even topic (industry basics, physical systems, the utility business, and energy markets). You can also download a brochure with all of Enerdynamics’ products listed by medium and category. 
  • Resources section: Accessible from any page on the website via the Resources link in the site’s global header and footer, the Resources section features an array of useful tools that training managers can distribute to energy industry employees. Among these free resources are:  
    • Infographics — Enerdynamics continually creates visuals that help explain industry data and concepts in a clear and easy-to-understand graphical format. Examples include physical delivery systems, the grid of the future, and U.S. energy consumption by source and sector. View, download, and share these infographics at no cost. We just ask that you credit Enerdynamics Corp. as the source when using any of our inforgraphics in presentations or reference materials.
    • Industry glossaries and acronyms — Use these convenient links/downloads to keep employees current on the unique language and many acronyms widely used in the electric and gas industries. 
    • Video library — Access a variety of short videos that address various topics of interest and frequently asked questions relating to natural gas and electricity. This is a great opportunity for industry professionals to expand their understanding of the energy industry at no cost. 
    • Blog and newsletter access — Link to this blog, Energy Currents, to stay current on trends and topics of importance in the natural gas and electric industries. Access Energy Currents and archives of Energy Insider, our quarterly newsletter, from the resources page or the website’s global footer.

We hope you take some time to explore Enerdynamics’ new website and the easy-to-access information it offers on all of our products. If you have feedback or questions, email us or call us at 866-765-5432 ext. 700.

About Enerdynamics

Enerdynamics was formed in 1995 to meet the growing demand for timely, dynamic and effective business training in the gas and electric industries. Our comprehensive education programs are focused on teaching you and your employees the business of energy. And because we have a firm grasp of what's happening in our industry on both a national and international scale, we can help you make sense of a world that often makes no sense at all.
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