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Utility Investments in Emerging Technologies May Transform the Traditional Grid

As indicated in a recent survey of more than 400 utility executives, we could see a more rapid transformation of our traditional centralized electric grid than many observers have envisioned. Continue reading

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The Future for Utilities: More Efficiency and Less Fossil Fuels

by Bob Shively, Enerdynamics President and Lead Instructor Enerdynamics recently released an update of its Electricity Flow infographic (click on infographic to enlarge): This graphic is based on data from the Energy Information Administration and shows the input fuels, conversion losses, … Continue reading

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Why Are Energy Prices Still Rising in New England?

by Christina Nagy-McKenna, Enerdynamics Instructor In his inauguration speech on January 8, 2015, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said the following related to energy in his state: “But as we begin the new year, families and businesses across New England are … Continue reading

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New Models Emerging as Potential Future of the Electric Distribution System, Part II

A possible new model for the electric distribution utility, the Distribution System Operator or DSO would break up the electric distribution business in a similar way that the bulk grid in many U.S. regions was disaggregated through the creation of Independent System Operators (ISOs). Continue reading

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