As the leading provider of energy business acumen training, Enerdynamics can help you and your employees better understand the business aspects of the gas and electric industries. This important industry knowledge is provided in your choice of delivery medium: instructor-led seminars, online courses or books. Whichever learning method you prefer, you will find energy training that is unique, interactive, easy-to-understand, and just plain interesting.

The electric power industry is changing rapidly. Deregulation, advancements in smart grid technology and new infrastructure investment have led to unprecedented opportunities. We can help you make sense of this volatile and dynamic industry with training on industry fundamentals, markets, renewable energy, regulation and deregulation, energy efficiency, and much more.

The natural gas business continues to evolve. And with climate change issues at the forefront of both national and international agendas, natural gas is poised to increase in both market share and importance. We can help you understand industry fundamentals, gas markets, the physical system, and even the global liquid natural gas (LNG) business.

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