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Is Europe Still Leading the Charge on Renewables?

by Bob Shively, Enerdynamics President and Lead Instructor For most of the 30 years I have spent working in the energy industry, renewables have been viewed as an interesting yet impracticable source of electricity except in a few unique circumstances. … Continue reading

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T. Boone Pickens: Natural Gas Can and Should Fuel Long-Haul Trucks

By Christina Nagy McKenna, Enerdynamics Instructor With crude oil prices at a six-month high and natural gas prices at a 30-month low, T. Boone Pickens has renewed his argument that long-haul trucks are better served using natural gas as a fuel … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Tornadoes Cause More Widespread Blackouts?

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons By Greg Stark, Enerdynamics Instructor In the wake of the devastating tornadoes that recently ravaged the Midwestern U.S., a question arose that I think warrants an explanation: “When tornadoes take out transmission lines, why aren’t there … Continue reading

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Is Renewable Power Cheaper Than Coal?

by Bob Shively, Enerdynamics President and Lead Instructor It has for many years been accepted “knowledge” in the electric industry that renewable power simply can’t compete with coal power on price. It’s commonly believed that if we want clean renewable … Continue reading

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