Where Do the Presidential Candidates Stand on Energy Issues? Part II

ELECTIONby Bob Shively, Enerdynamics President and Lead Facilitator 

Well, the field of presidential candidates shrunk a bit since we posted Part I of this article. With Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropping out of the race, there are three candidates left. Last week we looked at the stance each candidate (Cruz and Kasich included) has taken on four energy issues: overall policy, renewables, ethanol mandates, and fossil fuels.

Continuing our discussion but focusing on the three remaining candidates, here’s a brief overview of how Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump each view nuclear energy, energy efficiency, and climate change regulation.

Issue 5: Nuclear 

  • Sanders — Wants to progressively halt nuclear license renewals to ultimately phase out nuclear power
  • Clinton — Says she is agnostic (neither supports nor opposes)
  • Trump — Believes nuclear is an underutilized resource; strong supporter of further development of nuclear resources

 Issue 6: Energy efficiency 

  • Sanders — Strongly supports as a key part of energy policy
  • Clinton — Favors cutting energy waste by 30%; wants to bring efficiency to low-income citizens
  • Trump — Position unknown

 Issue 7: Climate change regulation 

  • Sanders — Favors the Clean Power Plan (CPP); wants to implement a national carbon tax
  • Clinton — Favors the CPP; plans to create $60 billion Clean Energy Challenge; supports a North American Climate compact with Canada and Mexico
  • Trump — Does not believe in man-made climate change; opposes any regulation on carbon emissions including the CPP

From these positions, the point is clear. If you want to make your voting decision based on a candidates’ energy views, you have a very distinct choice to make.

 Want to do your own research on candidates’ stances on energy? Here are some online resources that may help:

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