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Indiana, Michigan Debate Merits of Electric Retail Choice

By Bill Malcolm, guest author Belief in electric retail choice continues to be split in the U.S. with no consensus among the various states. But industrial customers in states without choice continue to look for options. Discussions about retail choice … Continue reading

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Can Incentive Regulation Save the Future of Utilities?

By Bob Shively, Enerdynamics President and Lead Instructor Utilities in the U.S. are caught in a quandary.  The traditional model for creating earnings growth for investors is built around increasing sales and growing capital investment.  Yet as we move forward into … Continue reading

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Could Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Help Stave Off Greenhouse Gases?

By Bob Shively, Enerdynamics President and Lead Instructor Bill Gates, who knows a bit about developing new technology, says that failure rates in green energy start-ups will be well over 90%. “This is a very complex set of technologies, and so … Continue reading

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Do Solar and Wind Cause Power Plants to Release More Pollution? No Says NREL

Thanks to our friends at  for this insightful post! by Chris Meehan, One rather odd—but somehow sticking—protest against solar and wind power is that they cause fossil fuel power plants to release significantly more emissions as they cycle electric … Continue reading

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