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A Look at PJM’s Capacity Auction Results

By Matthew Rose, Enerdynamics Instructor Each year, the PJM Interconnection administers the Reliability Pricing Model (RPM) auction to ensure forecast electricity requirements for the PJM system three years in the future with prices established through competitive bidding. The auction reflects pricing from … Continue reading

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Why FERC Order 1000 is a Big Deal in the Electric Industry

by Greg Stark, Enerdynamics Instructor High-voltage lines for the long distance transportation of electrical energy (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Many of our readers may have noticed at their companies a considerable effort expended on FERC Order 1000 compliance in the last … Continue reading

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Demand Side Management and Its Impact on Wholesale Electricity Markets

By Matthew Rose, Enerdynamics Instructor The debate over the impact of demand response and energy efficiency in the wholesale power markets remains active. On the surface, there is an intuitive belief that if we better manage and even reduce demand, … Continue reading

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